Blue Tiffany (Part 3): how to use this color on your leather edge

After we talked about the Orange Hermes, we couldn't go on without the Blue Tiffany!

With this third blog post, we wanted to create together a sparkling and colorful leather item while maintaining the elegance and sophistication that distinguishes this beautiful color from the others. 

After sharing  the story of one of the most famous colors in the world, and its meaning, now is time to practice! Are you ready?

Let's see what you will need

Crucial, is the choice of the leather item to finish. We chose a smartphone case obviously using Tiffany Blue to finish the edge and a brilliant Violet for the whole surface of the leather.

After choosing the item, you will need just 3 products

  • MAXCRAFT (VIOLET 14), our new product,  that we presented at Lineapelle (Milan) and APLF (Hong Kong). We created this paint to give you the possibility to dye the whole surface of the leather and not just the edge.  
  • Basecoat,  first and crucial step for the best edge finishing 
  • MAXMATT Dense (1837 BLU TIFFANY), after the Basecoat application, we suggest you to use our Dense edge paint.

Pretty easy, isn't it?

Are you curious to try our new MAXCRAFT ? Would you like to request our Tiffay Blue?




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