Blue Tiffany (Part 2)

In this second part of the guest post, signed by Anna Turcato, Image Consultant & Style Strategist, we will try to explore the true meaning of the Blue Tiffany

What does the Tiffany's color communicate to people who receive the famous blue box with the white bow?

Definitely luxury and uniqueness .

Blue is a color that can reassure and inspire confidence. It implies a balanced expression in which there are no surprises but only certainties.

The touch of green, typical of the Tiffany's shade, adds an extra tone of certainty and tranquility.

The Tiffany color, brings with it a perception of reliability and stability.

A precious jewel, maybe handmade, whose uniqueness lies in the cut and in the choice of the precious stone.

The Tiffany brand  expresses the importance of customer care. In fact, all its clients can customize the selected product thus developing a very personal relationship with the brand, which can give you a lot of advice, even on how to make a romantic marriage proposal.

Would you like to bring the unique value of theTiffany color into your production?

 A leather edge, in this amazing color, will be perfect to combine with classic brown or black leather.

This fashion color, will give your leather item  a precious and refined touch.

"Blue Tiffany" continues in the next post.

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