Blue Tiffany (Part 1)

In this guest post, signed by Anna Turcato, Image Consultant & Style Strategist we retrace the history of one of the most famous colors in the world: Blue Tiffany

Tiffany is not just a brand. In fact, this word is used in everyday language, even to describe a color. It's a similar shade  to the robin's egg and  the petals of the forget-me-nots. 

A special shade between blue and green that has a real Pantone code, the PMS 1837, a number that originates from the year of the Tiffany Foundation.

The color Tiffany is used not only for clothing but also for interior decoration and weddings. A stylish shade to choose for the accessories that complete the wedding dress or for some details of the bridal party.

And it's from weddings that comes the true story of this color.

In 1845, the founder of the brand, Charles Lewis Tiffany, created the cover for the first edition of the Blue Book, an annual collection of handmade jewelry, in a special turquoise variation. He took the inspiration, for the choice of this color, from one of the favorite colors of Victorian brides of the 19th century.

For Victorian brides receiving  a ring with a blue-green stone was the ultimate sophistication.

Since then, Tiffany's color has become one of the hallmarks of the brand and is used for packaging and promotional material. 

"Blue Tiffany" continues in the next post.

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