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Leather Edge Paint Blog

Quality First: Customers will eventually forget about the price!

December 21, 2017 By Rachele Micucci In PRODUCT QUALITY, EDGE PAINT, LEATHER DYE, QUALITY No Comments

Quality is the most important factor for a leather crafter, because eventually  customers will forget about the price!

This because we all are impressed and attracted by a high quality item.

Expiry Date: How long is the shelf-life for Leather edge paint?

Today, with this blog post we decided to answer all of your questions about the shelf-life of our paints and clarify, once for all your doubts.

How to Clean the Leather Surface?

Sometimes, when painting the leather it may happen that the leather edge paint sully the leather surface.

LINEAPELLE Fair - What's new about leather at GIARDINI booth

March 01, 2017 By Enrico Giardini In LEATHER DYE, LEATHER PAINT, LEATHER BUSINESS No Comments

We were present during the last edition of LINEAPELLE fair in Milan and first of all we would to thanks all 260 visitors that comes from more than 24 different countries to visit our booth. We presented there the new product on which we spent the last 12 months in development: MAXCRAFT.

How Low Temperatures Could Affect Leather Edge Paint: Tips for Correct Stocking.

December 07, 2016 By Enrico Giardini In LEATHER EDGE DYE, LEATHER DYE, LEATHER PAINT, TIPS No Comments

Low temperatures are a terrible enemy for leather edge paint, especially for water-based paints. When outdoor temperatures fall below 0 ° C, the water molecules begin the crystallization process, to change the physical status from liquid to solid.

The Methods of Leather Edge Dyeing

Leather edge dyeing can be processed throguh two main way: the hand application or the machine application.


Following the great success of the Roller Dye Pen, we now present the new version, revisited in its look.

Pelle Più - Luxury technology in leather business

This week will take off Pelle Più, an event organized in the Florentine district where a selected number of companies exhibiting the latest technologies of luxury in the leather business.The event will take place in the impressive Fortezza da Basso (Viale Filippo Strozzi 1, Florence), May 12 to 14, on 3,000 square meters of exhibition space and...

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