Orange Hermès (Part 2): the color meaning

In the second part of guest post, by Anna Turcato, Image Consultant & Style Strategist, we will explore the meaning that every color shade brings with it and particularly the significance of Orange Hermes. Read here the first part.

If we analyze the two colors from a chromatic point of view we find, in fact, that the orange enhances the perception of values like hospitality and positivity. Brown instead is related to the stability and tradition.

Receiving a Hermes box, therefore, helps to understand immediately the brand's philosophy: customer care and respect for tradition are the elements that differentiate them in the fashion market.

A philosophy that is represented by the words of Patrick Thomas, president of Hermes until 2014:

"Not long ago a woman came to us with a saddle, complaining that it had to be sewed up. We checked our archives where we keep track of everything including product repairs and we found out that the saddle was a gift from her grandmother, bought in 1937. Of course we have repaired it."

Moreover, Orange attracts shy and indecisive people but wearing it allows to pull out the positive charge and energy.

Would you like to communicate with your customers through the use of this color? Make it starred in your next leather item.

Resume the Hermes combination or accost the orange to the black for a precious and unique object, in which the added value is given by the knowledge of Made in Italy.

In the third and last part of this posts serie dedicated to Orange Hermes, you'll find out how create this awesome combination using our paints...

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