Orange Hermès: the brand story in one color (Part 1)

If you think about Orange Hermes you are thinking about a luxury box in a vivid colour.

In this guest post, signed by Anna Turcato, Image Consultant & Style Strategist, we retrace the history of an haute couture company through, the color that distinguishes and identifies this brand internationally: Orange Hermes.

Orange is one of the most popular Hermes's colours, it can also be found in its logo. 

The choice of the color orange for Hermes is directly linked to its history.

Hermes brand was born at the beginning of 1800. Thierry Hermes, a German and Protestant man, moved to Paris with his family. His job was to sell saddles and harnesses for horses.

The perfect knight needs a perfect bag for his journeys!

Over the years, thanks to the inspirations from American gauchos, the production range has been expanded to sacs and luggage in which there was everything you need to be perfect gentleman on horseback.

From father to son, from son to grandson, in the early twentieth century Hermes continues to evolve while maintaining its family tradition and its inspiration to the equestrian world.

When horses become modern cars, things began to change. The assortment has been expanded to accessories such as watches and bracelets.

Hermes, in that period, has decided that it was time to deal with the Women's world. 

Hermes and the Women's world

After entry into the Women's world some products became the cornerstones of the brand such as the “carrés” and women's handbags. One of the most famous Hermes handbags is the one that was worn by Grace Kelly and named after her.

Hermès never stops, not even with the World War II, and during that specific period Orange became the Hermes historical color.

At first Hermès boxes were in neutral colours such as cream or mustard but, due to the War and to the shortage of materials, those colors were no longer available.

For this reason Emile Maurice Hermes had to take the only available combination for the packages: orange box and brown ribbon.

A lucky combination that nowadays tells more about the brand than any other feature.

"Orange Hermes" continues in the next post.

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