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Leather Edge Paint Blog

Enrico Giardini

Enrico represents the fourth generation of a family devoted to the leather business. Born and grew up in the most important Italian district for footwear, now he directs its activities dedicated to the leather finishing.

Recent Posts

21-23 Feb: Giardini Group at LINEAPELLE Milan

January 27, 2017 By Enrico Giardini In LINEAPELLE No Comments

From February 21 to 23 we will be present with our exhibition booth, Pav. 22 - Stand U12-14, at LINEAPELLE, the International Fair of Leather, Accessories and Components reserved for professionals, which will take place in the pavilions of FieramilanoRho.

5 Features a High Quality Leather Edge MUST have.

January 17, 2017 By Enrico Giardini In FEATURES, LEATHER EDGE PAINTING, LEATHER EDGE DYE No Comments

The leather edge quality has always represented an assessment factor between different manufacturers in the leather goods world. So, when you create a new item is necessary to pay special attention to this detail that can make the difference between high quality product and a ordinary item.

Color of the Year 2017: PANTONE Greenery

January 10, 2017 By Enrico Giardini In COLORS No Comments

Every year the PANTONE® Color Institute select a specific symbolic color; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.

Top 10 Colors for Spring 2017: The Pantone's Fashion Colors Report

December 19, 2016 By Enrico Giardini In LEATHER EDGE PAINTING, COLORS, LEATHER EDGE DYE, TREND No Comments

What will be the trend colours for leather edge painting, in Spring/Summer 2017 ?

To know the fashion trends means being able to create a product that can be appreciated and desired by the public who will buy it in stores and online.

A Funny Story: how Dimitru solve the stocking problem without spending any money.

December 12, 2016 By Enrico Giardini In LEATHER EDGE DYE, LEATHER PAINT, TIPS Comment

One of our firsts customer living in Romania, Dimitru, loves our paints and the finish he gets on his leather edge, but he is always complaining about how difficult is to work in his country because of the variable temperature between winter season and summer season.

How Low Temperatures Could Affect Leather Edge Paint: Tips for Correct Stocking.

December 07, 2016 By Enrico Giardini In LEATHER EDGE DYE, LEATHER DYE, LEATHER PAINT, TIPS No Comments

Low temperatures are a terrible enemy for leather edge paint, especially for water-based paints. When outdoor temperatures fall below 0 ° C, the water molecules begin the crystallization process, to change the physical status from liquid to solid.

Tips & Tricks for leather edge dyeing: the free eBooks from GIARDINI

December 01, 2016 By Enrico Giardini In COLOR MIXING, LEATHERCRAFT TOOLS, LEATHER EDGE DYEING No Comments

Do you want to know how to create your own colors for paint your leather edge? Are you interested in hand applicators for leather edge dyeing? Where can you find this kind of informations?

3 Questions to ask before choosing the right hand applicator for leather edge paint.

Before choosing the hand applicator to paint your leather edge between of the many available on the market, it is useful to ask yourself a few questions that can help to better achieve your goal in the finishing process:1) Which type of products are you going to paint?

Professional Craftools for Leather Edge Dyeing

If you would like to improve your leather edge paint application, you'll probably need to have some professional craftools for leather edge dyeing on your desk.

The Cheapest Applicators for Leather Edge Paint

Being you a beginner or an expert leathercrafter you will always keep attention to your business or hobby costs. Leathercrafting requires a certain range of craftools that will allow you to create your leather item with the best results.

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