What is Leathercrafting for you?

In our Facebook group, Leathercrafting with Giardini, we’ve asked the members: “What is leathercrafting for you?”, some answers were predictable: It’s a hobby, It’s my work, it’s an art...but some of them amazed us. 

We want to share with you some of them to spread love and passions towards leather crafting:

“An experience like no other. After woodworking for 20+ years, decided to try leather and have fallen in love from the first stitch. I love the feel, smell and the finished product leave me very proud! Have lots to learn and am willing to commit!” 

“It takes me into a world of possibilities. Every piece is different and presents unique challenges during its manufacture. I loose track of time when working with leather, my friends tell me I should find ways of making stuff quicker... why?” 

“It is a way to add vitality to my cosplay projects. The use of leather enhances the overall statement I am trying to make.” 

“Definitely pleasurable”

“It’s a creative experience, a utilitarian craft, a masterful use of hands and tools, and a sensual experience with the texture, feel, smell and touch of leather in all its shapes and forms and colours." 

“Leather crafting for me is constantly evolving, the medium of leather enables amazing possibilities! the investment I have laid out in tools and education is now reflected in my products, this has become more than a commercial venture its my passion

What is leathercrafting for you? Write in the comments.

“My lifetime pursuit. Working with leather has been a constant for me in my journey through life. Leather-work is more than a hobby; it has almost become a part of who I am.” 

"It started as a hobby and has now grown to a passion that I make a living from" 

“When I arrive to some leather store I smell that scent and i feel some kind of rest and happiness so when i see that leather, colors and textures i can see the bag that i want to create. I love leather and candies.”

“It is a passion, a magnificent art, working with leather is a world that moves me.” 

And what is leather crafting for you?
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