WATER-BASED edge paint. Great improvement for Leather Crafting

The best thing about the Water based paints is obviously their sustainability, but do you know that this type of paint is also better for leather?

Water based acrylic paints are considered the best for staining leather, as they are easily absorbed by leather compared to enamel-based paints.

Water based paints give a smooth texture and also they are less prone to crack and chip when folded.

Nowadays, chemicals are one of the things that pollute the environment the most. That's why many companies have started the research and development on Eco- friendly and sustainable products. 

We are proud to say that, in our leather edge paint developments, we are on the right path.

We paid a lot of attention to the components because for us it is really important that the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) is less than 1%. We've achieve this goal with Dense, Semi-dense edge paint and basecoat.

Moreover, no dangerous components are presents inside our paints. Our leather edge paint totally suits the REACH Regulation. 

Obviously, for all these perks there are some drawbacks, such as the drying time. Our products are water based (except for a small percentage of special alcool inside), and as you know the drying time for water is longer than solvent.

Anyway, with our paints you should apply less coats so you will save time and money there! 

A longer drying time is a small price to pay to make our planet a better place.