Tips & Tricks for leather edge dyeing: the free eBooks from GIARDINI

Do you want to know how to create your own colors for paint your leather edge? Are you interested in hand applicators for leather edge dyeing? Where can you find this kind of informations?

Every day we got lots of request from our customers about tips for leather edge painting, how to choose colours, what is the best applicator for hand painting the leather edge etc. in order to achieve the best performing in leather edge painting.

Consequently to these requests we started a few months ago releasing free eBook about specific topics, in order to support our customers and their works.

Would you like to know more about our Guides?

Find out below the content of our free eBooks for leathercrafting:

How to Create Colors for Painting Leather Edge on Leather Goods

Guide to the Colours Matching   In this guide we show you:
  • The basic knowledge about what is a color and  how it is composed;
  • The theory of color mixing, including tips on how to create mixed colors and how to reproduce them;
  • The processes to create leather dye colors by yourself for painting your leather edges;
  • How to have always available all the colors you need with a very few investment;

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How to Choose the Right Tool for Leather Edge Dyeing

Guide to Hand Applicators for Leather Edge Painting   In this guide we show you:
  • A quick overview on the most commons leathercraft tools for edge dyeing;
  • Pros and Cons of the different hand applicators for leather edge paint;
  • Best Practices for correct use and maintenance of tools for leather dyeing;
  • Leathercraft tools and spare parts available on the market;

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Within the end of December will be published the new eBook "How to Achieve the Highest Quality on you Leather Edge", stay tuned with us!

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