The New Way of Leather Edge Dyeing: The Basecoat

 Up to now, the edge dyeing process has always had beginning with a phase of edge  physical preparation extremely important, which often appeared to be determinant to obtain a flawless final result.

This phase could foresee the use of several tools to be able to proceed to work on the leather edge to be able to make smooth and well rounded, or the use of a primer to prepare it for the subsequent dyeing steps. Everything first involved a great deal of experience in micro-machining of leather edge surfaces and a big waste of energy and time.

GIARDINI Basecoat Dense

Our Basecoat Dense has been designed precisely to save these steps, extremely simplifying the preparation phase of the edge.

The leather edge to finish is simply lightly sand and then is applied one-handed BASECOAT DENSE. Once the surface is totally dried it appear virtually free of imperfections and ready to the next leather edge dyeing step. In case where some slight imperfection still exist, it is possible to proceed to a second light sanding, prior to dyeing.

Basecoat advantages

The paint for dense board consists of a polyurethane polymer which ensures:

  • maximum adhesion to any type of leather, will then no longer necessary no type of primer also on leathers or more difficult materials;
  • when completely dried is easy to sand and shape while maintaining its strength, it is not necessary any action of heating (with filetuse);
  • It is ready for the application of any other of its series of paint over it;
  • its surface tension and its viscosity shall ensure independently creating a kind of rounding on the edge, generating the desired appearance without the need to physically intervene on the leather edge;

Welcome to the new era of the edge finishing. 

The correct process for edging

We then summarize the correct process for edging:

1. LIGHT SANDING THE SURFACE: Once you cut your leather, you can simply lightly sand the surface, and it will appear as in the picture.


2. APPLY THE DENSE EDGE PAINT (COLORLESS): On the raw surface you can directly apply the colorless and let it dry completely. Once dried the surface will appear covered of a semi-transparent surface, totally flat and well rounded. In this case you can proceed with a second sanding if needed.



3. DYEING WITH THE PREFERRED COLOR: Once the surface is perfectly prepared, any color or any finish you are going to apply will appear prefect on your leather edge. 



isn't this a revolution?

 Download the Basecoat User Guide