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The Cheapest Applicators for Leather Edge Paint

Posted by Enrico Giardini on Oct 17, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Being you a beginner or an expert leathercrafter you will always keep attention to your business or hobby costs. Leathercrafting requires a certain range of craft tools that will allow you to create your leather item with the best results.

How much do you need to spend in craft tools for leather edge dyeing?

Anyway, don't mind about spending to much money, because with a good manual ability you can even perform high quality finish of your leather edge simply using common and cheap craft tools for leather edge dyeing.

High density sponge

Very common used tool for leather edge painting is high density sponge. You can easily find it in supermarket, and you can model the shape of your sponge in order to make comfortable to use.

 Sponge Applicator for Leather Edge Dyeing

Probably you can find sponges from different type and dimensions, we suggest you to choose high density PU foam and reduce the sponge the dimension to 60mm x 20mm x h.15mm. This suggested shape will make you more comfortable in using it. The high density is necessary to avoid to sponge to suck to much paint, the leather edge paint should remain liquid over the surface of your sponge and be easily transferred to your leather edge.

The rod

Another cheap tool for leather edge dyeing is the rod. You can adapt any object you usually have at home (like a pen or pencil, the back side of a brush or a chopstick), that can be used for this purpose.

Rod Applicator for Leather Edge Dyeing

Also many famous brands (Ferragamo, Prada, Yves-Saint-Laurent, and many other) during their prototype phase are still using rod for edge painting, because according with the users manual experience it could allow a very precise application even on the strong angles or harder shape of their leather item.

Our advice is to try all the different craft tools for paint your leather edge, and then choose the one you feel more comfortable with, or that one that give you the highest quality result.


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