Professional Craftools for Leather Edge Dyeing

If you would like to improve your leather edge paint application, you'll probably need to have some professional craftools for leather edge dyeing on your desk.

The best hand applicators for leather edge paint are the Roller Dye Pen and the Roller Dye Tool. There's no best one between these two applicators, the choice simply depends on which leather item are you going to finish.


Roller Dye Pen

The Roller Dye Pen allows you to easily apply the paint on your prototype (or small production) with good accuracy, and achieve a very precise leather edge finishing.

Edge Dye Roller Pen

It is a comfortable tools that can be held like a normal pen, and if you have a good manual ability your leather edge will result perfectly painted using this tool. Great advantage of this craft tool for leather edge dyeing is the easy cleaning and the cheap cost.


Roller dye tool

The Roller Dye Tool has been designed to simulate the machine application of the paint, and it results to be a useful tool for larger production.

Table Edge Roller Dye Applicator

It is composed by a basic support that can be easily filled by the leather edge paint, and a knurled roller that provide to transfer the leather edge paint from the tank to the leather edge. The amount of paint you would like to apply can be adjusted by the blade, in this way you can have a uniform leather edge dyeing on your item.

Both tools performs a high quality finish of the leather edge, simply depends on which tool you feel more comfortable with.

To know more about use and maintenance of this tools request our free Guide to Hand Applicators for Leather Edge Paint, you will find many useful tips to improve your leather edge finish.


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