Our Top Exotic Leather colors

Exotic Leather is the hide that is acquired from animals, mostly reptiles, that are purely hunted for their skins, to make leather.Unlike cattle, which are used for consumption and later for the manufacture of leather goods. 

Since this type of leather is very valuable, we thought of creating a special dye that many of you will already know and that is our Exotic Leather Special Dye.

Due to the uniqueness of the material, we have created 20 colour shades that give you the opportunity to unleash your creativity. 

First of all, how does it work?
Exotic Leather Special Dye gives a two-tone effect on exotic natural leathers or embossed natural leathers. The special feature is that the two-tone effect can be achieved with a single dye.

It should be applied using a soft cloth, sponge or dauber, after which it should be left to dry for about 5-10 minutes, at the end of which the leather will appear coloured in the darker tone. Once dry, a clean cloth (or brush) is used to remove some of the darker colour and uncover the lighter tone that has penetrated the skin. The effect obtained is a two-tone shade that follows the texture of the exotic leather.

Here we have rated our top 3 exotic colours:

#1 BarcaA0000151

#2 After Eight


#3 PinkieA0000172

Which is your favourite instead?

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