[TUTORIAL] How to use Mini Edge Dye Roller

The Mini Edge Dye Roller is a small tool for leather edge painting, mainly used by designers, hobbyists and small leather crafters.

Mini Edge Dye Roller is made of brass and it is composed by

  • a main piece that works as support and as tank for the paint ;
  • two rollers with different checkering.

Mini Edge Dye Roller - How it is composed

Advantages of the Mini Edge Dye Roller

With this tool you need a very few quantity of paint: you will not waste paint anymore, when creating prototypes or when working on a small production. A small amount is enough to fill the tank.
The cleaning operation is very easy.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the roller you want to use, place it on it’s own space;
    Mini edge dye roller - choose the roller
  2. Pour only a small amount of paint;
    Mini Edge Dye Roller - Few Quantity of paint
  3. Prepare the roller with your fingers;
    Mini Edge Dye Roller - Prepare the roller
  4. Paint your edge starting from the roller side, to prevent the paint from overflowing.
    Paint the edge

Cleaning operations

You can wash the tool using warm water or cleaning it using a paper towel.

Enjoy the mini edge dye roller.

Watch the video