MAXEDGE Pro -> MAXMATT: The Evolution of Leather Edge Paint.

As already mentioned in our previous post over the years of the paint technology has followed a very precise path, going from formulations that included a solvent based almost exclusively, through the introduction of the use of acrylic resins, to the more recent use of polyurethane polymers. This evolution was the result of demands for increasing performance by final consumers, and increasing respect for health and environment.

Even in our development path, GIARDINI leather edge paints have had their escalation. In the first stage of research the approach has been to work alongside the acrylic resins used in the classical formulations a new polyurethane polymer, the MaxEdge Pro. This in itself greatly increased the technical performance of the paint compared to other commercially available leather edge paints.

The MaxEdge Pro polymer itself does not yet fully respected the objectives we set ourselves at the beginning of our project, as it presented approximately 13% portion of volatile organic compound (VOC). Furthermore, the filling level of the surface was still not as we desire, requiring 3 or more applications for a perfect finishing of the leather edge.

GIARDINI MAXMATT: last frontier of technology

After more years of research and development in 2014 was completed the development of the polyurethane polymer MAXMATT, it respected all the features that we set ourselves. The only compromise that we had to accept was the point on the drying phase, which in MAXMATT is still a bit "slow", while all other performance and features have been made at the highest levels.

In conclusion, the products of MAXMATT series represent the last frontier of technology in the field of leather edge paints, use MAXMATT means keeping up with the times, and change your way of working in the finishing of the leather edge for the better, reducing the time needed to its finishing, increasing quality and resistance and using the most sustainable products on the market.

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