LINEAPELLE Fair - What's new about leather at GIARDINI booth

We were present during the last edition of LINEAPELLE fair in Milan and first of all we would to thanks all 260 visitors that comes from more than 24 different countries to visit our booth. We presented there the new product on which we spent the last 12 months in development: MAXCRAFT.

The MAXCRAFT is the new dye for natural leather, that completely changes the classic formulation of the old leather dye. Solvent has been reduced to minimum part, and it was additioned with part of wax and resins to increase its performance once applied, but we will publish more on these topics later in the next weeks. Stay tuned!

The most wonderful thing coming out from the fair was the plenty of ideas that our customers give us for future development, we collected all of them and early in our labs will start new projects to continue improving the chemicals for leathercrafters.

We really enjoy all the three days spent in Milan, and we are now so excited to continue working with you all. Next event will be APLF in Hong Kong at the end of March, for everyone who missed Lineapelle it will be the second chance to meet us!