[TIPS & TRICKS] Should I add Water into the Paint?

Can I add some water into my leather edge paint to create my favorite viscosity? How much water should I add? What type of water should I use?

These are some of your questions about Water and our leather edge paints. Today we want to clear all your doubts about this tricky topic.


First of all, we must remember you that our leather edge paint are water based paint.

So, is possible to add some water into the paint? Absolutely Yes!!

But what type and how much water? You should use only Purified water. As our paints are water based paints (with no solvents inside), they are prone to bacterical attack. Regular water can contain bacteria that could eventually ruin the paint. So a general advice is to use only purified water when you want to diluite your paint. With this addition you can get the viscosity that you prefer.

How much water? You should add max 10% of water of the total volume of the paint.

This is an advice that we give to our customer because adding too much water would mean loosing some technical features of the leather edge paint. And we definitely don't want to reduce the performances of the paint.

A good approach when you need to modify your leather edge paint viscosity is to proceed by little step, adding few quantity of water and checking the viscosity. I think that this clarify everything, but if you still have doubts or just some curiosity, leave a comment below or get in touch with your Personal Advisor.

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