How hobbyist can get the same quality of luxury brands

One thing we have learned in all these years spent working with hobbyists, artisans and manufacturers, is that, the quality obtained by a hobbyist can be higher than the quality we can find on some leather items created by well-known luxury companies.

But how is this possible? Basically,

what determines the quality of a leather creation, as well as the ability of those who create it, is also the love with which it has been created.

Actually, by love we mean efforts, passion and time dedicated to that specific leather item. The products industrialization by luxury brands is very focused on standard materials and techniques. The high productivity required to meet the growing market demand, has reduced the time dedicated to the creation of the object (with the exception of some rare cases like Hermès)

From here it follows that, a hobbyist or a small leather crafter, which has as passion the creation of leather items, will give as much love as he can in his project, because in most cased these items are not created with the only purpose of profit, but is the creation process itself that gives the craftsman happiness and joy.

Of course, it is necessary that the craftsman has the right tools and good quality materials, otherwise it would be really difficult to get a great result.


alvaro-serrano-pFLNV4gkXsc-unsplashNowadays, it is easy for everyone to have available the best materials, such as leather, craft tools, leather edge paint, etc. Just refer to the same suppliers the big brands use.But the passion and the time devoted transforming, almost magically, those simple materials (that individually have no meaning) in a creation that transmits joy and serenity. 

Besides these feelings, creating a leather item emanates reminiscence of the past, to people who hold it in their hand, thanks to the ancient art of leather crafting that connect human to nature for more than 5000 years.

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Photo by Devin Edwards on Unsplash