Giardini's Best Moments of 2019

2019 was a great year with lots of news. Here you find a resume of all the products and innovation that we introduced during the past year.

February Lineapelle Milan and Basic Color Setlineapelle-giardini-2019-2

as every year this International Trade Show is a great meeting point to personally spend time with our customers, get inspired by them and understand the real needs of leather craft world. During the 2019 edition we've presented the Basic Color Set and the introduction of the 30ml package for Basic Edge Paint


March: The Facebook Group: Leather Crafting with Giardini

The most powerful resource for anyone who's looking to improve his skills is the share knowledge. That's why we decided to launch this new closed group where any leather crafter could get access to. Inside the Facebook Group "Leather Crafting with Giardini" anyone can share experiences, pictures, etc. and ask for tips and advice when creating new items. Moreover we periodically add special news, exclusive content ( made only for the group ) and  promotions, for sure members will be the firsts to know about new products or services.


April: Exotic Leather Special Dyeexotic-leather-special-dye-blog

Following some demands coming especially from our asian friends, we developed and presented a new leather dye, unique in its features: you can get a two-tone effect by using only one paint. This allow leather crafters to get amazing finish when working with crust exotic leather or crust embossed leather. Once you've applied the exotic leather special dye simply remove part of color on the external surface by brushing or polishing and you can get this outstanding effect.


May: New Pen Applicatoredge-paint-pen-applicator-blog

Researching and experimenting new solution for our customers is one of our favourite call of duty. Last year, in May  we introduced this new edge paint pen applicator, that immediately got big success among our customers. It's very practical for leather edge paint hand application, cheaper than the other available and easier to clean. Another point of strength is that the brass head has a fluid rotation, allowing quick and precise application of the leather edge paint.


Workshop for Students: Fior di Pelle Academy (Florence)workshop-fiordipelle-blog

A very friendly and strong partnership has been consolidated this year with Fior di Pelle Academy in Florence. During the year we regularly host a monthly workshop introducing all the new techniques and the latest news in leather edge painting, training young people approaching for the first time to leather crafting. We always wish them that all their dreams could become true.


June: Mini Edge Dye Rollermini-edge-dye-roller-blog

Another nice and pretty useful tool introduced last year was the Mini Edge Dye Roller. Actually it seems a toy more than an edge paint tool, but despite its appearance it works really well. Obviously it was not designed for long-time works, but when you need to paint just one piece or a very few, this could be a good alternative to get a precise edge finish, especially if you're not so confident using the pens applicator. As it's totally brass-made, this make the tool pretty heavy and consequently very stable during the leather edge paint application process.


September: Leather Craft tools Set - Limited Editionlimited-edition-blog

Since the beginning of 2019 we introduced a series of high quality leather craft tools, selected for you among the best products on the market. Then in October we have finally collected the most used tool in a very elegant wooden box and we have created a limited edition: Leather Craft Tools Set.

Any of you that make hand stitching have used, at least, one of these craft tools, so you can now keep them well organized inside their own wooden box.


October: The Magnetic Machine


A very big news in 2019 was the introduction on the leather market of this new Magnetic Edge Painting Machine. A real innovation developed to have a total free space of work and to be able to paint any kind of leather item without the stiffness of the old edge painting machines. Another important features of this machine is the ease of cleaning and the quickness for changing color.

to be continued in 2020...