Following the great success of the Roller Dye Pen, we now present the new version, revisited in its look.

The Roller Dye Pen is perhaps one of the most used tools for the leather edge paint hand application, as it is one of the best compromise between cost and performance. It allows to apply the leather edge paint almost on all types of leather goods items, in a rapid and precise way.

The Roller Dye tool is made from an aluminum handle and a brass rotating head. It is used like a normal pen, dipping his toe into the paint and then apply it on the leather edge to color.

It needs no special maintenance, just a good attention in cleaning the pen during and after use, and his life is definitely long lasting.

Cleaning of the Roller Dye Pen

For quick and easy cleaning of the Roller Dye Pen it is good to avoid the paint to dry completely on its rotating head. When the paint is still wet is simply removed using a damp cloth or paper, the aid may also be specific cleaners. In the case in which the paint is completely dry, it is good to soak the Roller Dye Pen for a few hours and then proceeds to the removal of residues, with the aid of a brush with hard bristles.


When used the Roller Dye Pen always keep on hand a glass containing water (or cleaner), and in the breaks of your work let the pen to soak. This will prevent the paint dries quickly, and then you can easily remove it with a cloth or paper towel before resuming the processing phase and color of the border.

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