In biophysics color is the visual perception generated by the nerve signals that the photoreceptors of the retina sends to the brain, when they absorb electromagnetic radiation of certain wave-lenghts and intensity, in the so-called visible spectrum of light.


Each color, whether primary or secondary, raises and represents an emotion, a state of mind and can be tied to a particular event.

The experience of color is subjective and may refer to the culture of belonging that suggests the personal perceptions of a particular color.

Working with colors is our prerogative, and exactly reproduce a specific hue, means for us to allow the designer to completely express his emotions in what he is creating.

That's why over our wide range of colors we give even the customized color service to anyone that has a specifics needs.

Giardini Leather Edge Paint

Our paints are all realized using the highest quality sustainable pigments, to assure the users to have the high coating level on their leather edge, and the best technical performances.

All of our colored paints are 100% compatible between each other, so if you are an expert (or you want to try to become one) you can even mix the color to match your favorite shade.

In our COLOR CHART you find in the right side the standard colors, that are made using a selection of our standard pigments, and on the left side you find the mixed color, that are realized mixing the standard colors.