How to proceed to the hand coloring of your leather edge? There are several tools that can be used for hand coloring of the leather edge, there is a general rule, the choice must be made subjectively according to the instrument with which you feel most comfortable with.

Below we will analyze the three main instruments for the leather edge paint hand application:

The sponge applicator

Many craftsmen loving to the classical traditions still prefer the application using a sponge. The sponge is available commercially and are readily available with a very low cost, we recommend choosing a synthetic sponge (polyurethane), medium density, and then eventually cut it in the shape and size you prefer.

The application by sponge is suitable for liquids of any viscosity, but need a good manual skill and experience in use to obtain a uniform distribution.


The Roller Dye Pen

One of the most common tools on the market is the pen applicator with rotating head. This tool is also suitable for beginners, and it provides a uniform application even on special and complex geometries. It should be employed by way of brush, dipping the tip into the paint and then proceeding to its application on the leather edge. It avoid dirty and may be cleaned very easily. We always recommend to let it soak in water and alcohol or in the appropriate cleaner to prevent the paint from drying on the rotating head of the pen, jeopardizing the operation of its future use.


The Roller Dye Tool

It is a very small tool used primarily in the application by hand of small articles with linear geometry, although it is also used in the coloring of larger objects such as belts.

As advantages its use does not require a continuous charging of the paint, allowing greater speed during the production process, by contrast takes a little more time at the stage of cleaning, especially since the roller must always be perfectly clean, otherwise the application would be affected by residues of dried paint that may remain inside the roller.


You can find the tools for application by hand on our webstore and all the information downloading our free guide about tools for painting Leather Edge.

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