When we started our research and development in 2011 the first step was to listen to a representative sample of leather crafter and leather goods producers, try to collect the most common problems they have, and from this problems start to develop our products.

time-icon TIME

What I always says is: "unfortunately there isn't any supplier of time yet". In fact time in a production process is the only constant and it is the same for everyone. And as time mean money, save as much time as possible will increase the margin in your price break-down.

eye-icon LOOK

Beauty is made from details. When you realize your leather goods, as many attention you pay for the details and as high quality will be the final look of your product. The quality of the leather edge on a bag, a belt, a wallet, a keyring determine the difference between a high quality look and a medium product.


Nowadays people are paying much more attention on what they purchase, moreover laws are becoming always more restrictive in terms on chemical products used during the production process. That's way has been mandatory during our research to realize the most sustainable paint for leather edges.

icon-tick QUALITY

A leather edge that crack in a few week/months could represent a real problem for the producers. During our development we hardly stressed our products until we got our desired results, our leather edge paints are at least 20% more durable of any other paint on the market.