Application by hand or application by machine? The application choice can be determined by several factors, it would therefore not be correct to make a priori choice.

Usually the conditions to be evaluated before proceeding to the choice of the application method include the following questions:

  • My product has to have a handcrafted look or a uniform look?
  • Have Ia great deal of production to face, or mine is a small production?
  • Are the type of articles that I dye linear and do they present particular details to dye?

Of course we should always look for the best compromise between speed and quantity of production, so the choice is still subjective. From our experience we can draw the following considerations:

Application by hand

The hand-application appears to be the preferred choice of small artisans, who do not have a lot of work too busy, and they still want to give their product that aspect characteristic of hand-crafted work.

It becomes indispensable especially when working with small articles, or articles which present very particular geometries, such as to make it impossible to machine application.

Application by machine

The application by machine is instead preferred by those who need to adjust a uniformity of the product, the need to drive large productions.

The linear products (such as belts etc.) are well suited to the machine-application as it does not present particular application difficulties which may affect the speed of production.

A good alternative: mixed procedure

A good alternative solution could be the mixed procedure.

 With the use of our DENSE EDGE PAINT in the colorless version to be used as a first application by machine, providing for the edge preparation and unifying the surface to be colored.

Then, a hand application using the DENSE (or SEMI-DENSE) EDGE PAINT in the favorite color.

In particular we can recommend the use of the automatic machine OMAC 980 for the first application, it is a machine of small size and low cost, which can be used to work on the prototyping or for small productions.