Edge Paint Machine Application: Dense or Semi-Dense?

 One of the goals of leathercrafters is to create a perfect and clean edge as quickly as possible. For this reason, especially in case of very large productions, leather craftsmen usually use appropriate machines.

The world of machines is constantly evolving and new designs are continuously released on the market. These new machines can change their application approach based on the type of the item that has to be dyed.

The main difference between the various machines is that, there are some machines that dye only one side of the leather item and others that dye two sides at the same time. This choice depends particularly on the type of leather item that has to be worked.

In principle, our leather edge paints have been developed to be used with all types of machines, but from the experience of the last few years, we have noticed that the performance may be different.

Generally, the Dense Edge Paint is more performing for machines that dye only one side at a time. These types of machine have a single roller and they are suitable for handbags, suitcases, wallets and other leather accessories.



The Semi-Dense Edge Paint is more suitable for machines that dye two edges simultaneously, especially for those that have two rollers. In fact, the action of these rollers causes an increase in the thickness and density of the paint during the application stage. It's for this reason that using the Dense edge paint could become tricky, and could compromise the final result.


This is not a general rule because the best result may be influenced by the type of leather, its width, the type of roller and the general setting of the machine. However, these tips come from the experience of our customers that normally use the Dense Edge Paint but when they need to paint both sides simultaneously they switch to the Semi-Dense Edge Paint to get a better result.

The final tip is to use the Basecoat as first coat, it will improve your final result and will allow you to get the highest leather edge finish with a very few number of application.


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