Do you know how to use an Edge Beveler?

Leather working is an intricate art, composed by a lots of steps. Some of them affects the leather edges.

The cutting step creates a squared edge. It is really important to sand the edge to get a smooth and uniform surface.

To obtain a more refine cut, the best option is to use the edge beveler.

How to use it

Here a very simply step by step guide on how to use the Edge beveler: 

  1. Put the edge between the groove;
  2. push it from one end to the other;
  3. repeat the operation. 


Choose the dimension

But which dimension to choose? The decision changes according to 3 variables

  • Thickness of the leather;
  • type of leather;
  • rounded corners.

For example, considering our classic leather edge beveler 

  • Beveler 1 (0.75mm)- thin edges or little rounded angles;
  • Beveler 2 (1.0 mm) - all propose size;
  • Beveler 3 (1.2 mm) - thick edges or well rounded angles.

Using a Beveler 1 on a think leather is pretty much pointless. Consider the thickness of the leather before choosing the edge beveler. 

Extra tip for sharpening:

  1. Place a 800 grit sandpaper around the metal rod and put a drop of oil on the sandpaper.
  2. Hold the sandpaper with your fingers along the edges and carefully smooth the wrapped metal rod.
  3. Repeat this process with the 1200 grit sandpaper to give the blade the final finish.

Need more info? 

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