DENSE or BASIC? Find out which leather edge paint you should use.

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Generally, when we are faced with a brand that we have never used, the main doubts always arise is about which is the best product to choose from the range available. Obviously, the wider the range, the more doubts increase. That's why here in Giardini we have reduced the products to choose to a minimum: DENSE Edge Paint or BASIC Edge Paint.

Despite this reduction, when a customer has to choose for the first time, they would like to hit the bull's-eye first time. Given the recent frequently asked questions, to clarify which is the best choice to make, here you can find a more in-depth description of what is achieved by using the two different paints.

The main differences between the DENSE Leather Edge Paint and the BASIC Leather Edge Paint are listed below:



DENSE Leather Edge Paint is a state-of-the-art, fully water-based, polyurethane-based paint developed to be the most sustainable leather edge dye on the market. It has a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) less than 1%, that is the part of substances that end up in the air when the paint dries.

The BASIC Leather Edge Paint instead is a more traditional technology, always based on the use of water-based polyurethane resins, but inside the BASIC formulation are also included some types of alcohol, that bring the VOC to a value of about 7%.

So if your priority is to have the most sustainable product, your choice should be the Dense Leather Edge Paint



The main difference that stands out in the use of the two edge dyes is the consistency obtained on the leather edge with the same number of applications.

DENSE Edge Dye looks like a very dense paint, with a very high viscosity. This is because the Dense Lather Edge Paint has a very high percentage of "dry part", equal to about 60% of the paint. This means that we are working with a very concentrated paint. This feature allows it to give the edge a great consistency from the first application.

The BASIC Lather Edge Paint, on the other hand, is more liquid than the Dense Leather Edge Paint, with standard viscosity when compared to its competitors' alter-egos. The BASIC Leather Edge Paint unlike DENSE has a percentage of "dry residue" which is around 30% of the paint. The result is a flatter edge, which in some cases is exactly what you want to achieve. In case you want to get an edge with high consistency, this is possible by applying several coats of paint on the edge.

Therefore, if your priority is a flat and simple edge, the right product for your purpose is the BASIC edge dye, while if your goal is to create very consistent and rounded leather edge it would be advisable for you to use the DENSE Leather Edge Paint.



In this case, both paints (BASIC and DENSE) are applicable both with the aid of edge-dyeing machines, and in the same way by using traditional leathercraft tools.



The DENSE edge dye has a higher price, mainly depending on the "dry residue" or the percentage of polyurethane resin present into the paint. If your priority is the cheapest price, you could choose the Basic Leather Edge Paint.


Now you have a clear overview of what are the main features of our edge paints. The next step is to try them !!!

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