Customisation and quality in your Edge Paints

In today's world, where quantity is predominant, it is essential to be distinguished by quality and customisation of the materials employed.

When creating a new leather goods item, it is very common to need an edge paint with a specific colour, which perfectly matches the tone of the leather or simply fully expresses the emotion the designer intends to communicate with his creations.


Creating colour is an ancient art that once belonged to artists and painters, who jealously guarded the techniques (and 'suppliers') for creating colours.

Today, there are technological tools that come to our assistance when creating a new colour, but no matter how precise these tools may be in creating the matches, the final touch always lies with the human eye.

In fact, in our company it is the human eye and the expertise of our technicians in the laboratory that always give our paints that something extra. 

We can customise colours from your leather sample or even from a Pantone TPX code.


Do you need a customised paint?

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