Custom Colors for Leather Edge Paint

Very often during the creation of a new leather good item you need a custom color leather edge paint, which matches perfectly with your leather tone or simply express fully the emotion that the designer wants to communicate with his creation .

Create a color is an ancient art that once resided in the artists and painters, who jealously guarded their techniques (and the "suppliers") to create colors. Think of the experiment with the color of Caravaggio or Michelangelo and all the other famous artists.

Today there are technological instruments and machines that come in handy when we want to create a new color, but as far as they can be precise in creating the matches, the final touch is always for the human eye.

For our clients who need to create custom colors for their leather edge paint, our lab in Tuscany specializes in the creation of color, working directly on your leather references or if you prefer on the Pantone references.


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