3 Questions to ask before choosing the right hand applicator for leather edge paint.

  1. Before choosing the hand applicator to paint your leather edge between of the many available on the market, it is useful to ask yourself a few questions that can help to better achieve your goal in the finishing process:

    1. Which type of products are you going to paint?
    2. What is the quality that you want to achieve on your leather edge?
    3. How long can be the painting process during your production time?

    Answering these questions, whose answers are subjective, will give you a guide of how to choose the right tool for your needs, and achieve the best leather edge on your leather goods.

    In our #ToolsWebinar Enrico Giardini will give a guide on how to find your right answer to these questions, and shows an overview of the most common craftools for leather edge hand painting.

    Watch the recording of the Webinar (English version) and you will be able to evaluate by yourself what is the right leather craftool for you.


    Watch the Videos on the #ToolsWebinar