CHISEL VS. PRICKING IRON - Do you know the differences?

YES, these are 2 different tools.

Many people think that pricking irons are just the expensive version of chisels but indeed they have different features.

These two tools are used in different ways even though they are both stitching aids. So let's see together how to use and what do to with these tools. 



The purpose of this tool is to create holes for stitching leather. When used, it needs to be punched all the way through the leather surface.





Pricking Iron


This tool instead, creates a guide that you later use when creating holes with an awl. The name is pretty appropriate. You’re not punching the iron through the leather, but only pricking the leather, leaving a mark on the surface.



So these tools have both their intended purpose, but it doesn’t seem like there is an agreement on which is better in the leather working community.

Having said that, now is the time to see and evaluate some pros and cons.

Chisel Pro and Cons


Economical and Replaceable

Cheap material (chisels aren’t meant to last as long as pricking irons)

Quick. This is debated. For some people using a chisel is quicker, but some say that they can use a pricking iron and awl with greater speed.

Doesn’t Develop Skill with an Awl. When using a chisel, you won’t practice with an awl. Practice is key to improve skills.

 Easy to Learn. It is a really simple tool tot use 



Pricking Iron Pro and Cons


Durable. Pricking Irons are usually hand made and good quality. It’s a one time purchase.

Expensive. It has quality but it is also expensive. Quality doesn't come for Free

Looks Good in Your Instagram Posts. This is a joke but this tools is pretty much everywhere on Instagram. But to be fair, they do look good.


Develops a Skill. This tool will help you improve your skills and create professional items


Do you have more pros and consto share? 

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