The world of edge paint machines is really wide and full of opportunities. There are numerous manufacturers of machines for the edge finishing and painting, with different patterns to perform the various stages of processing of the edge.

The MAXMATT products line have been designed to minimize the processing steps while still maintaining a high quality of the final product. Then we go on to list what are the machines and related phases:

Physical preparation of the edge - stages



Once you cut off the leather and having prepared the pieces to be dyed, either before or after the stitching phase, prior to the application of color is always recommended to sand the surface, to remove dirt or imperfections coming from the cut.

Sanding can be done either by hand or by machine, in case of sanding machine is sufficient to have a brushing / sander, then we must pay special attention to the choice of grain. It is recommended to always use a fine-grained or medium / fine.



 The heating is a procedure that provides for the removal of any defects which continue to occur even after sanding (such as raised dots caused by the dermis of the leather).

The heating may be performed either by hand or by machine, before application of the paint or between a phase and the other application. In case you want to proceed with the heating between applications we must advice to choose the right product.

Dyeing machines



The machine in common use are those which present a roller in a vertical position, is produced by virtually all manufacturers of machines for leather, in particular our coatings have been tried on the machines OMAC both in the basic model (OMAC 980) that in the more professional version (OMAC 370). The use of such machines to a wide possibility of working on different types of products for leather goods.


These machines are employable only when necessary in the staining of both sides of a belt, a strap, or in any case every item that requires a simultaneous double dyeing. You can find these machines both in the version horizontal than vertical, and are usually employed when necessary in a production fast enough.


They work with the same principle of vertical coloring, but the roller coating is positioned on a horizontal axis. This type of machine is usually used as an alternative to the machine in vertical staining, depending on the objects to be dyed (such as the handles of the bags).


These machines work with a different principle, since the paint is transported by a tape made of rubber material. Require more experience in the application, but can give results much more uniform if well used and septate.

Drying process



To accelerate the drying process can be employed ovens after application of the paint. There are different types, are generally the same ones that are primarily used for drying or activation of the adhesives employed in the production of leather goods. It is important to pay close attention to the choice of the furnace in relation to the paint that is used, we will discuss this topic specifically in a future article.

Automated production lines

The principles of application listed above can still be integrated into automated production lines in the case of companies that have the important moles of production, however, remain always the same precautions apply to the application with individual machines.