Basic Leather working Tools for beginners

One of the benefits of choosing leathercraft as a hobby is that it can grow with you. By this I mean that this type of work can be quite complex, with intricate projects and specialized skills, but it can also be simple as you begin. 

Here some simple Tools you may need as a beginner.

Needle and Thread

Perhaps the most basic tool you need is a needle and thread that can be used to stitch leather. Obviously, the needle and thread used for an embroidery project or a standard sewing craft will not do the job on leather. You’ll have to get a heavyweight needle that is durable enough to stitch through leather. For best results, you should select lacing or waxed thread specifically designed for leather.

Sharp Knife and Cutting Board

Another thing that you can’t do without is a sharp knife or cutting utensil. Again, regular crafting scissors won't work on leather. They are just not heavy-duty enough to make a clean cut through leather. It is important that you always keep knives or cutting utensil very sharpened. 

Stitching Pony or Clam

yes you are reading correctly, you may also need some stitching pony or stitching clam, these  are actually basic leatherworking tools. Similar to a vice or a clip, these tools are used to keep your leather project in place. A stitching pony or a stitching clam is not essential, but these tools can make your leather work easier by holding your project still.

Groover, Spacer, and Beveler

Leather groovers, spacers, and bevelers will help you achieve a more professional appearance. Groovers are used to make a groove in the leather along a straight line. This line shows where the stitches should be placed.

Spacers can then be used to measure an even distance between the individual stitches. Once the places for the stitches are marked, you can make neat and attractive stitches without much trouble.

With a beveler, you can round off the uneven edges of any piece of leather. This extra step gives your leather project a more finished look.

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