Basecoat Dense or Semi-Dense: what's the difference?

One thing that still has a shroud of mystery among our custormers is the difference between the Basecoat Dense and the Basecoat Semi-Dense. 

So let's dive together into this subject. 

Both our Basecoats are created to get the best final result.This product will help you achieve the highest quality on your leather edge.

The Basecoats can be used almost on all kinds of leather, but only as first layer. Their  purpose is to prepare the leather edge to the subsequent coloring phases.  

But which one is the better choice? 

In general, we can say that the Dense version is an evolution of the Semi-Dense.  

The Basecoat Dense is designed to facilitate the finishing process when working on large leather edges. The product increases the adhesion characteristics on the leather and acts as a filler for all the blank spaces on the leather surface.

When finishing leather edges made up with more than one leather layer (such as bags, bag handles, wallets, etc.) the filling function, that the Basecoat can provide, will make the line in the middle disappear.

The Semi-Dense Basecoat, on the other hand, is recommended when you have to finish a leather edge with a medium-narrow width, usually composed by only one layer of leather. It  strongly adheres to the underlying leather, creates a uniform surface on the leather edge and gives the edge a somewhat rounded physical appearance. 

Both products can be applied by hand and by machine, in case you use them on automatic machines ask our advisors which solution is the best for you and your machine!

Did we make some clarity?