5 Features a High Quality Leather Edge MUST have.

The leather edge quality has always represented an assessment factor between different manufacturers in the leather goods world. 
So, when you create a new item is necessary to pay special attention to this detail that can make the difference between high quality product and an ordinary item.

For this reason the high quality manufacturers dedicate much attention to this detail and great number of operations on its finish, making it appearing almost perfect and
increasing by this way the value of their product.

To achieve a leather edge in high-quality is necessary to pay attention to many details:


The leather edge surface has to be uniform, as if it were a natural continuation of the surface of the leather; it must be completely smooth without presenting imperfections of any kind and the colour should completely coat the leather surface without leaving a glimpse of the above substrate.

Last (but not least) a high quality leather edge should have high performance in resistance to mechanical stress and according to nowadays be as much sustainable as possible.

How to achieve the highest quality on your leather edge?

Download our free Basecoat User Guide for Leather Edge Dyeing and find out how to achieve the highest quality on your Leather Edge.


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