4 colours we are seeing everywhere in 2023

Gone are the days of minimalism in pale and  neutral tones to push us towards bright, rainbow-like colours. In 2023, colour represents wellness, discovery, acceptance, transformation, comfort, simplicity and pleasure.

Today we want to show you what we believe are the most popular and trendy colours in this 2023. 


9Let's say it once and for all: green shows no signs of fading in our accessories, whether you choose a calming sage or a soft pistachio, the shade will remain in vogue for years to come. This year we have certainly seen an increased interest in greens, but while companies last year favoured dusty variations (e.g. Benjamin Moore's Colour of the Year 2022, October Fog), this year's focus is on more impactful and true greens. 


giardini-1"Digital Lavander": An emerging colour trend demonstrating the power of new Gen-Z consumers with the rise of soft, dusty shades of lavender and lilac.  

From the digital world to the real world, the winning colour palettes will all be in the sign of Digital Lavender, a shade that conveys tranquillity and symbolises escapism into a more intimate and private atmosphere. 


giardini copia 2Forget grey. Brown is the new neutral of 2023. Light browns, dark browns and beiges are making a comeback thanks to their earthiness.

This makes us feel more grounded and helps us feel more connected to the beauty and healing properties of Nature.

giardini-3From bright fuchsias to delicate pinks to neutrals, this colour is always on top. This beautiful shade tells a story of warmth, discovery, self-care, delicacy but also boldness. 
Pantone, meanwhile, is naming Viva Magenta! as its leader for 2023: an exultant purplish red that exudes energy and strength.


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