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Trending Colors S/S 2018 (Part 1)

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Trending Colors S/S 2018 (Part 1)

May 23, 2017 By Rachele Micucci In COLORS, CUSTOM COLORS, TRENDING COLORS No Comments

Wanna know the trending colors for the next S/S ? Keep reading this blog post to choose the forefront colors for your leather items.

The Spring/Summer season is all about exploring new directions and lifestyles in fact the two words that best represent the trending colors for the spring/summer 2018 are Duality and Versatility.  In the warmer seasons it is fundamental to experience and give liveliness to your style.

Colors: Must have of the season


This rich beige-brown works perfectly both for spring and summer. It may also be regarded as a deep tone of beige. The Sand color also has a touch of gold that gives it a more precious look, It's perfect for a spring bag!

sand color.jpg


Lilac is one of the most feminine colours of next season. This color is the perfect mix between pastel and neon. Reproducing this color on a leather item can give you a touch of color and eccentricity without being too over the top. 



Greens are essential for next season but the best one is Kombu Green.  It  has a particular tone that recalls the rainforest,  Kombu Green is ideal for leather and wovens items. This color has a flat and saturated quality that oscillates between organic connotations to the newest and most modern ones.

kombu green.jpg

Keep following us to find out the other trending colors for S/S 2018. 

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