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Quality First: Customers will eventually forget about the price!

Posted by Rachele Micucci on Dec 21, 2017 2:57:26 PM

Quality is the most important factor for a leather crafter, because eventually  customers will forget about the price!

This because we all are impressed and attracted by a high quality item.

So let's cut to the chase.

What do you need to make a great leather item?

  • Uncolored veg tanned leather
  • Leather edge paint - Leather dye
  • Clear and simple Design 
  • Knowledge and experience

But don’t forget to add some love into the mix!   :)

Like I said before quality is the first thing people will see and evaluate of your products.

To achieve the highest quality is necessary to pay attention to many details. The leather surface should  be uniform, completely smooth without any imperfections and the color should completely coat the leather surface. 

Last (but not least) a high quality leather item should have high performance in resistance to mechanical stress and be as much sustainable as possible.

Here the key features for an high quality product:

Smoothness, Nice Look, Great Coating, Resistance to mechanical stress, Sustainability.

Do you have all these key features?

If the answer is No or Maybe, let us help you to achieve the best result possible.