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Recent Posts

Join the #ColorWebinar

Join the Hangout (video chat) with Enrico Giardini on the color creation and we will answer all your questions and curiosity about creating colors. The Hangout will be on air on Thursday, September 8th. Find out how to participate!

Clean the Tools from Leather Edge Paint Residues

Leather Handcrafters often find themselves having to waste a lot of time for proper cleaning of tools used for painting the leather edge. Especially when we use tools for hand application of leather edge paint, at the end of their use the tools...

Viscosity and the Leather Edge Paint

The viscosity is a physical quantity that indicates the resistance of a fluid to flow. In other words it is a value that indicates how much a liquid tends to drag with all of its elements that compose it rolls along a surface. To do some...

Custom Colors for Leather Edge Paint

Very often during the creation of a new leather good item you need a custom color leather edge paint, which matches perfectly with your leather tone or simply express fully the emotion that the designer wants to communicate with his creation .


Following the great success of the Roller Dye Pen, we now present the new version, revisited in its look.

#NoiSiamoSpeciali: Giardini Group Annual Meeting

The pictures of the Annual Meeting of Giardini Group, which took place on 8th and 9th of July at the Luxury B & B "Villa Silvia" in Civitanova Marche, where we spent a day which marked the conclusion of 200 hrs transpersonal coaching, played with...

MAXEDGE Pro -> MAXMATT: The Evolution of Leather Edge Paint.

As already mentioned in our previous post over the years of the paint technology has followed a very precise path, going from formulations that included a solvent based almost exclusively, through the introduction of the use of acrylic resins, to...

Pelle Più - Luxury technology in leather business

This week will take off Pelle Più, an event organized in the Florentine district where a selected number of companies exhibiting the latest technologies of luxury in the leather business.The event will take place in the impressive Fortezza da...

The New Way of Leather Edge Dyeing: The Basecoat


Up to now, the edge dyeing process has always had beginning with a phase of edge  physical preparation extremely important, which often appeared to be determinant to obtain a flawless final result.


The world of edge paint machines is really wide and full of opportunities. There are numerous manufacturers of machines for the edge finishing and painting, with different patterns to perform the various stages of processing of the edge.