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Why Italian Leather is so good?



We are Italian but the thing that Italian leather is one of the bests, is a fact.

But why? Let’s talk about that and at the end you can tell us if we are wrong or not.

How hobbyist can get the same quality of luxury brands

One thing we have learned in all these years spent working with hobbyists, artisans and manufacturers, is that, the quality obtained by a hobbyist can be higher than the quality we can find on some leather items created by well-known luxury...

10 Questions about Top Grain Leather

Top grain leather is one of the main leather grades. We have collected 10 of the most common questions about this Top Grain Leather.

What is Leathercrafting for you?

In our Facebook group, Leathercrafting with Giardini, we’ve asked the members: “What is leathercrafting for you?”, some answers were predictable: It’s a hobby, It’s my work, it’s an art...but some of them amazed us. 

Do you know how to use an Edge Beveler?

Leather working is an intricate art, composed by a lots of steps. Some of them affects the leather edges.

The cutting step creates a squared edge. It is really important to sand the edge to get a smooth and uniform surface.

To obtain a more...

Get the best out of a Cheap Leather? Is possible...

In a world full of great leathers with almost no imperfection there are some that aren’t the best to work with.

To avoid any waste, let’s see together how to get the best out of a cheap leather.

Do you know how?

CHISEL VS. PRICKING IRON - Do you know the differences?

YES, these are 2 different tools.

Many people think that pricking irons are just the expensive version of chisels but indeed they have different features.

[TUTORIAL] Fashion finish for leather edge, using metal gloss

If you want to create a metal leather edge, you must follow a well defined procedure. To get this specific finish you must proceed with two different applications:

  1. Base color;
  2. Metal gloss.

Basic Leather working Tools for beginners

One of the benefits of choosing leathercraft as a hobby is that it can grow with you. By this I mean that this type of work can be quite complex, with intricate projects and specialized skills, but it can also be simple as you begin. 

Here some...

Safety First - 5 Tips to follow when Leatherworking

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security." 

The safety is really important for us and it should be important to you too. Here 5 tips you should follow when leatherworking.