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Expiry Date: How long is the shelf-life for Leather edge paint?

Posted by Rachele Micucci on May 11, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Today, with this blog post we decided to answer all of your questions about the shelf-life of our paints and clarify, once for all your doubts.

As you know our products are water-based and do not contain solvents inside, this is definitely a benefit for health and environment, but at the same time reduces the shelf-life of the product, due to bacteria that can easily contaminate the product.

So, how can you avoid bacteria contamination?

Unfortunately, bacteria are everywhere so it's a mission impossible! We're just joking...

For example we can find them in the water, especially non-distilled water, so our advice, if you need to add water to the product, is to use purified water.

Bacteria are also found in the air, so be careful. We suggest not to leave the bottle opened for too long time, because it might expose the product to a larger contamination.

Obviously, to enlarge the shelf-life, we added anti-bacteria aid into the paints to help preserve them. Back to your questions:

What is the expiry date of Leather edge paint?

Our response is: 12 months from the date of your purchase, if well conserved in orginial package and respecting the stocking temperature.

How can I see that a product is contaminated?

Usually when a product is contaminated it starts a slow process of physical status modification. Initially the paint starts smelling and presenting clumps inside, up to the appeareance of fungus, that represents the evolution of bacterical contamination.

Paint_Clumps.jpg Paint_Fungus.jpg

 So, which are the tips to always get a "fresh" paint?

  • If you need to add waterto reduce the viscosity always use distilled water;
  • Do not leave the bottle opened for too long a time;
  • Store the product in an warehouse with a stable temperature


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