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MAXEDGE Pro -> MAXMATT: The Evolution of Leather Edge Paint.

As already mentioned in our previous post over the years of the paint technology has followed a very precise path, going from formulations that included a solvent based almost exclusively, through the introduction of the use of acrylic resins, to...

The New Way of Leather Edge Dyeing: The Basecoat

 Up to now, the edge dyeing process has always had beginning with a phase of edge  physical preparation extremely important, which often appeared to be determinant to obtain a flawless final result.


The world of edge paint machines is really wide and full of opportunities. There are numerous manufacturers of machines for the edge finishing and painting, with different patterns to perform the various stages of processing of the edge.


When we started our research and development in 2011 the first step was to listen to a representative sample of leather crafter and leather goods producers, try to collect the most common problems they have, and from this problems start to...