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How to use the Color Chart

"Hello Rachele,

can you help me choose the perfect color for my needs? " 

Giardini New shade: The Cherry Blossom Color

We are always looking for special colors that can be added to our Color Selection. We keep an eye on trends and popular colors to fit all our customers needs.

Trending Colors S/S 2018 (Part 2)

Like promised, here the second part of our Trending colors S/S 2018 blog post.

Trending Colors S/S 2018 (Part 1)

Wanna know the trending colors for the next S/S ? Keep reading this blog post to choose the forefront colors for your leather items.

Custom Colors for Leather Edge Paint

Very often during the creation of a new leather good item you need a custom color leather edge paint, which matches perfectly with your leather tone or simply express fully the emotion that the designer wants to communicate with his creation .