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Tips & Tricks for leather edge dyeing: the free eBooks from GIARDINI

Do you want to know how to create your own colors for paint your leather edge? Are you interested in hand applicators for leather edge dyeing? Where can you find this kind of informations?

Join the #ColorWebinar

Join the Hangout (video chat) with Enrico Giardini on the color creation and we will answer all your questions and curiosity about creating colors. The Hangout will be on air on Thursday, September 8th. Find out how to participate!


In 18th century the first color theory was formulated basing on three primary colors: Red, Yellow and Blu (RYB), because these colors were believed capable of mixing all the other existing colors. This theory were very well known by all the...


In biophysics color is the visual perception generated by the nerve signals that the photoreceptors of the retina sends to the brain, when they absorb electromagnetic radiation of certain wave-lenghts and intensity, in the so-called visible...