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Orange Hermès (Part 3): how to use this color to create your leather item

April 11, 2017 By Rachele Micucci In ORANGE, BRAND STORY, HERMÈS Comment

Here we are again…. and we are talking about Orange Hermes

With this third blog post, we wanted to answer some of your questions. How to create an elegant and well-groomed leather item using Orange Hermes and your products??

Orange Hermès (Part II): the color meaning

February 14, 2017 By Anna Turcato In COLORS, ORANGE, BRAND STORY, HERMÈS Comment

In the second part of guest post, by Anna Turcato, Image Consultant & Style Strategist, we will explore the meaning that every color shade brings with it and particularly the significance of Orange Hermes.

Orange Hermès: the brand story in one color (Part 1)

February 08, 2017 By Anna Turcato In COLORS, ORANGE, BRAND STORY, HERMÈS No Comments

If you think about Orange Hermes you are thinking about a luxury box in a vivid colour.

In this guest post, signed by Anna Turcato, Image Consultant & Style Strategist, we retrace the history of an haute couture company through, the color that distinguishes and identifies this brand internationally: Orange Hermes.

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