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Leather Edge Paint Blog

Event in Singapore: Personalised Love and Dense Edge Paint 

February 13, 2018 By Virginia Zenobi In DENSE, LEATHER EDGE DYE, LEATHER PAINT No Comments

We would like to share a great event with you. Thanks to our distributor Andy Lin, Maxmatt Dense Edge Paint had the opportunity to be part of a special experience that took place in Singapore on January, 13th, and that engaged the artisan’s organization Personalised Love.

Basecoat Dense or Semi-Dense: what's the difference?

One thing that still has a shroud of mystery among our custormers is the difference between the Basecoat Dense and the Basecoat Semi-Dense. 

DENSE Vs. SEMI-DENSE: How to choose your leather edge paint?

One of the most frequent questions from our customers is: what's the difference between Dense edge paint and Semi-Dense edge Paint?

The New Way of Work: The Colorless First Coat

February 16, 2016 By admin In DENSE, LEATHER EDGE PAINTING, MAXMATT, COLORLESS No Comments


Up to now, the edge finishing process has always had beginning with a phase of edge  physical preparation extremely important, which often appeared to be determinant to obtain a flawless final result.


Have I to use the Dense Edge Paint or the Semi-Dense Edge Paint? This is one of the most frequently asked questions from our customers, that's why we decided to dedicate an entire post to clarify this issue.

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